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Share your financial data with ease and speed, yet with complete security. TallyEdge – A trusted, RBI licensed Account Aggregation platform that empowers you to share your financial information securely and with your consent.


What is an account

An Account Aggregator is an NBFC-AA licensed entity completely regulated by RBI. Primarily it is aimed at empowering individuals & businesses sharing their data with explicit consent in a digital & secured way. No data is ever shared without the consent of the user.

What makes
TallyEdge special?

YOU are the Master
of YOUR Data

With us, your financial data is 100% safe. We never share your financial reports to banks and other financial institutions without your consent.

Consent Management

You can approve/reject/pause/revoke data sharing consent requests as per your preference and can always track the data flow history conveniently.

Facilitation of
Financial Solutions

TallyEdge supports sharing of consent-based data digitally in a secured way to regulated financial institutions which may help individuals/businesses to speed up the process by eliminating any paperwork hassles & delays.

Digital & Real-time
Data sharing

Our completely digitalized operations eliminate paperwork-related hassles and delays

Share only
User-approved Data

Complete flexibility to selectively share data with financial institutions, without giving them a glance on your entire financial history

Efficient Fund Management for
Business and Individuals

Create self-consumption consent to fetch & download your comprehensive financial data across multiple banks & financial institutions in one go, for better fund management & reconciliation processes

Is Your Data Really
with TallyEdge?

Your data is 100% secure with TallyEdge! The data sender encrypts the data and it can only be decrypted by the intended data recipient. Thus, the end-to-end data encryptions and digital signatures completely eliminate the scope of any vulnerability.

TallyEdge ensures that your highly valuable data is ultra-safe as by acting solely with your consent. We do not have the capability to read your data or store it.

Furthermore, TallyEdge cannot undertake any other form of business. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your data being used for other purposes or being resold to other entities.


How does an Account Aggregator work?


Who Should Use TallyEdge?

  • Businesses/Individuals who wish to digitally share financial information to the regulated institution for its respective purpose to fulfill
  • Individuals interested in sharing financial information with wealth managers
  • Entities regulated by RBI, SEBI, PFRDA, IRDA for procuring financial information of customers to fulfil various financial needs of their customers

A trusted, RBI licensed Account Aggregation platform that empowers you to share your financial information securely and with your consent.

Contact Info

AMR Tech Park II, No.23 & 24, Hongasandra,
Hosur Main Road, Bangalore 560 068, India.
Customer support: [email protected]
Business enquiries: [email protected]

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