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TallyEdge allows you to manage your accounts aggregation activity with ease. Using TallyEdge you can ensure authenticated and secure data sharing by the Financial Information Provider (FIP) to the Financial Information User (FIU).

As an individual, when you apply for a personal loan, vehicle loan, or home loan, you need to provide various supporting documents to the lending agency. Similarly, businesses may take loans for equipment or machinery financing, or working capital. For that too the applicant needs to provide documents. TallyEdge assists you in making document sharing by your banks or other agencies (FIP) to the lending agency (FIU) simple and convenient.

Own a VUA: To get started with TallyEdge, you just need to create an account, either an Individual account or a Business account. On registering, TallyEdge allocates a unique Virtual User Address (VUA) to you. This VUA is the key to enjoying the facilities offered by TallyEdge.

Link FIP Accounts: Once a VUA is created, you can find and link your accounts with FIPs using the mobile numbers registered with the FIP accounts. These linked FIPs can share data with FIUs based on your consents.

Consents and Data Sharing: When you initiate a loan application, your FIU will raise consent requests to you for fetching the transaction and financial information from your FIPs. TallyEdge will not share any of your financial information without your consent. For every FIP, there will be separate consent requests. You can approve or reject any request, as needed. After a request is approved by you, the FIP will share data, in an encrypted format, with the FIU as per the scheduled frequency and duration. TallyEdge does not keep the data or analyse the data.

After the period of data sharing is over, consents will expire and TallyEdge will maintain such consents under an archive. You also have options to pause or resume, and revoke any active consent, if needed.

Add and Authenticate Users: In addition to you managing the consents and data sharing by FIPs to FIUs, you can add and authenticate other users to access your VUA and handle business as needed.

In effect, TallyEdge provides you the flexibility to control all data sharing by the FIPs to the FIUs, and decide who can access your VUA.

A trusted, RBI licensed Account Aggregation platform that empowers you to share your financial information securely and with your consent.

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