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Release Notes

TallyEdge Release 2.0

  • TallyEdge is compatible with ReBIT API version 2.1.0.
  • Now in the mobile application you can display data and share it for the Financial Information types National Pension Scheme (NPS), Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), General Insurance, and Life Insurance.

TallyEdge Release 1.2.2

TallyEdge Release 1.2.2 delivers a smooth experience for approving consent requests from the financial institution.

  • Approve consent requests for the particular financial institution through TallyEdge and seamlessly return to their portal.
  • As usual, approve consent requests for the financial institution using the TallyEdge web and mobile applications.


TallyEdge Release 1.2

Release Notes gives a brief overview of all the features that you can use starting this release.


  • Supports 5 new FIPs: Federal Bank, IDFC First Bank, KFin Technology Limited (Mutual Fund), KFin Technology Limited (NPS), and SBI Life Insurance
  • VUA suggestions while registering your TallyEdge account
  • Recover your TallyEdge accounts using the verified E-mail ID.

Supports New FIPs

In this release, TallyEdge includes support for the following FIPs, in addition to the ones already existing.

  • Bank: Federal Bank, IDFC First Bank
  • Registrar and Transfer Agent or RTA: KFin Technology Limited (Mutual Fund)
  • Pension: KFin Technology Limited (NPS)
  • Insurance: SBI Life Insurance. 

VUA suggestions while registering your TallyEdge account

During the registration process, TallyEdge now provides VUA suggestions. You have the flexibility to edit the prefilled VUA as per your requirements. To know more, refer to Registration and Log In.

Recover your TallyEdge accounts using the verified E-mail ID

Account recovery involves reclaiming access to the TallyEdge account when essential information, such as a mobile number, is lost. This situation may arise from factors like the loss of a mobile device, device changes, or security-related concerns. The primary goal is to enable the rightful owner to regain control of their account while prioritising security and preventing unauthorised access. A successful account recovery process is vital for restoring regular access to your accounts and ensuring the protection of your personal information. To know more details about your account recovery process, refer to Profile Management.



TallyEdge Release 1.1

Release Notes gives a brief overview of all the features that you can use starting this release.

TallyEdge is a platform built to aggregate your account with different financial institutions (Financial Information Providers or FIPs) for the visibility of your financial data in a single place. When you link all your accounts with TallyEdge, you will be able to quickly check your net worth. Such information will enable you to plan the funds for better wealth management. In addition to that, you will be able to easily share data with the banks or financial institutions (Financial Information Users or FIUs) when you apply for a loan or any other credit-worthiness validation.

You can get an overview of different features that will be provided in TallyEdge, by going through the Help pages


  • Register your profile in TallyEdge
  • Discover and link your accounts
  • Create your own consent and view reports
  • Accept/Reject/Revoke Consent as per your requirement
  • Manage your users as required
  • Update your Personal Information
  • View activity logs.

Register your profile in TallyEdge

TallyEdge allows you to register your mobile number for your personal and business use. You can also use the same mobile number for your personal use and for business. To know more about how to register, refer to Registration and Log In

Discover and link your accounts

TallyEdge allows you to discover your accounts and link the accounts to your profile. Account linking is currently available for Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL), National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN), Karur Vysya Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, and Yes Bank Ltd. This will shortly be extended to other financial institutions. Also, TallyEdge provides you the option to get notified when the financial information provider of your choice is added. To know more about how to link your accounts, refer to Accounts.

Create your own Consent and view reports

You can use a TallyEdge account to aggregate data from your accounts with many FIPs so that you can check your financial health. For this, you can create a consent request to gather data from various FIPs.

By creating your own consent, you can check your financial health on reports, in the mobile application and plan your investments better. To know more about how to create consent and view and share reports, refer to Create Consents and Reports section on Consents.

Accept/Reject/Revoke Consent as per your requirement

Consents ensure that your financial information is shared only with the FIUs that are authorised by you to receive it. FIUs send consent requests to access your financial information to provide the services you agreed for. Based on such consent request you can approve the consent, agree on financial information to be shared or reject the consent request if the ask is not as per your expectations. If you allow, then the FIPs will share end-to-end encrypted data with the FIUs through TallyEdge so that no third party accesses the data while in transit.

What's more! 

In the process of data sharing with FIUs, if you do not want to share your financial information anymore, you can revoke the consent. To know more about how to accept/reject/revoke consents, refer to Consents.

Manage your users as required

As a business or an individual, you can create your account on TallyEdge using your mobile number. You can also add other users with specified rights to operate your TallyEdge account. This enables you to allow other employees in your business to conduct day-to-day activities. Even for your individual account on TallyEdge, you can add your family members or financial consultants to manage your financial data. To know more about how to manage your users, refer to User Management.

Update your Personal Information

You can change or update your personal information like your name, company name, mobile number and e-mail ID associated with your TallyEdge account. To know more details about your personal information, refer to Profile Management.

View activity logs

You can check out all of your activities which you have performed on TallyEdge. To know more details about the data logged, refer to Activity Log

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